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Nasi Goreng (Indonesian Fried Rice)

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Nasi goreng or fried rice is really a common food here in Indonesia. You can find it everywhere, as street food or 5-stars restaurant cuisine. And though it is one of my favorite dish, i found it too simple that i thought it is a trivial recipe. Not until i found out that Nasi Goreng is World’s 2nd most delicious food according to CNN. I’m like.. really ? Well, i mean.. it is REALLY really delicious for me.. but i’m so surprise to find out that is what others’ thought too 😀

So, in order to write this, i intentionally scaled up my ingredients. It’s hard, you know. Since i use to make this from scraps, meaning what is left and there. This is my best effort for it lol.

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Sambal Petis

Sambal Petis

Petis is a shrimp paste that is mix with dried coconut skin sugar (gula batok). It looks very.. hmm.. unappealing, but the taste is quite delightful. The taste and tecture is almost like caramel. There is 2 kind of petis, Petis Jawa (Javanese Petis) which is black and sweet, and Petis Madura (Maduranese Petis) which is brown and savory. To make it into sambal, well, of course by mixing it with chili(es) 😀

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Dried Salted Fish Sambal Dabu Dabu


Sambal is the famous authentic condiment from Indonesia. Its main ingredient is chilies, well.. lots of them. So, you surely can guess how a sambal should taste. Yeep.. hot!!

There are sooooo many way to make sambal in Indonesia: raw, boiled, fried, sliced, pestled; not to mention variants of ingredients we can mix with. For me, personally.. as long as they are tounge burning, they’re ALL delicious 😀

Sambal Dabu Dabu is originated from Sulawesi. It is very similar to Salsa, actually. We slice all the ingredient, and then pour hot cooking oil on it. But in this dish, we also use Terasi, also known as Garnalen paste or Shrimp paste.

Dried Salted Fish is another common ingredients in Indonesia. Since it is an archipelago, Indonesia is rich on sea products, especially of course, fish. In order to avoid fishes becoming stale, the fishes are salted and dried. For this dish, i use Jambal Roti, it is dried and salted Mayung Fish. It’s as thick as bread and has similar texture of bread. And the taste, you bet.. salty! That’s why we don’t need any salt.

It is very easy to make. There is no way we can go wrong. So.. what are you waiting for ? ^^

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