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Tempe Bacem

Artikel dalam Bahasa Indonesia, klikĀ di sini :)

It’s too quiet here for too long. My bad. I both was busy and lost my spirit to go to kitchen. Well, am trying to get back on track, now. Starting with a small step, this simple yet delicious mom’s recipe, Tempe Bacem. I don’t know what to call it in English, please tell me on the comment below if you happen to know. Thank you :*

Anyway, if you haven’t met tempe before, it is a food product from fermented soybeans, that has cake-like form. It is originated from Indonesia, my country (yeeey ^_^). I love its spongy-crunchy texture.

Bacem itself actually means marinate or soak a food in sugar and salt water, so the food will last longer. In javanese, we do bacem with palm sugar. So, you will expect its taste should be sweet, but not candy sweet.

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Ox-Tongue Steak (Indonesian/Mom Style)

Ox-tounge Steak

Artikel dalam Bahasa Indonesia, klikĀ di sini :)

Here in Indonesia, it is hard (expensive) to have a steak quality beef. So, unlike western-like steak which the beef only being grilled (after being marinated, sometimes), we need to process our beef more to have it tender enough to be a steak. Hammering with meat tenderizer might not be enough. Some need to rub the meat with pineapple juice first. Well, mom like to boil it in pressure cooker.

Actually, i don’t know whether this recipe is really Indonesian style or just my mom’s recipe :P. Instead of marinate the meat, mom prefers to slow cook it with the gravy. After that, you may grilled it. But mom’s never done that. It’s already delicious the way it is.

For last Christmas lunch party we decided to have this Ox-Tongue Steak, of course Mom’s style. So here’s the recipe (i try to be punctual because mom does it in approximation way >.< )
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