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Scallion Chinese Pancake

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It is this week’s BOOM in cooking group i joined, Scallion Chinese Pancake.  It is almost like Maryam Bread but has scallion and cheese in it. The recipe comes from a video of a member. Looks so easy and everyone in the group so excited to make it right away. And I can’t get it off of my mind. So, weekend finally came, and i made it right away ^_^

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Milk Bread

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Yes, i finally made bread!! ^_^

To be honest, this is not my first. I had made bread several times before. The reason i haven’t shared any bread making experience until now it because.. in the past i always forgot to take a picture of them 😛

A friend posted a recipe video at Facebook. The recipe looks easy and the bread looks soo yummy that makes me eager to try, even though i was a bit sick (well, still am actually 😀 ). Unfortunately,  i can’t find the video anymore. So, i’ll try my best to write the steps as clear as i can 🙂

Here we go ^^

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Homemade Martabak (Arabic Stuffed Pancake)

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Martabak is one of Arabic’s (or maybe Indian’s) dish that is very famous here. We have it as street food. The original martabak (one that is sold) is made with special thin and very elastic layer. They make it by  turning and throwing the dough at the same time, like this man doing from 0:25

Well, this site won’t be named Cooking4Dummy if i’m doing that, right ? 😀 Instead, i use spring roll wrappers to substitute. Not dumpling wrappers though, cause they are a bit thicker. And for the seasoning, i use Gulai (red curry) instant seasoning. So, it is as easy as you can imagine 😉

Let’s do it!

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Pizza Pastry

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I had always wanted to make this pizza out of pastry thing, but as always laziness conquered me. But since now is 2016, and because i was craving for pizza and don’t have pizza dough, i finally made this dish 😛 No, i didn’t make the pastry dough, and perhaps never gonna make it from scratch. Even though it seems easy (to watch it on Youtube), but it is time-consuming. So far, pastry dough from store is good enough for me.

I have to admit, my relationship with baking pastry is full of ups and downs. Some times i nailed it, some times i didn’t. The instruction on back of its package said 200º C for 12 minutes or until golden brown. But in real act, for my cute lil oven 12 minutes is not enough. Some times they need 15 minutes to make them bloom beautifully, but in some case 15 minutes is not brown enough, so i have to add another 5 minutes. But in other times 20 minutes burned them. So in this recipe, i also did 2 batches with different time and racking level, and had to watch over them constantly.

Despite the baking setting problem, which i think it is my personal problem, the making of this pizza is soo easy. And of course, you can be very creative on their topping. This time i made 4 kind of topping:  Tomato Corn Cheese, Corn Beef, Nori Tomato Cheese, and Chocolate Cheese. Nom.. noom.. ^^

Here is the full recipe:

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Miso Pork Leg Stew

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Miso is a Japanese seasoning that is made from fermented soybeans. . Similar with tau co (Chinese fermented soybeans) but they have different kind of fungus. It is salty and a bit sour. Mainly, there are 2 kind of miso, white and red. The white one tastes lighter than the red one. Because of the taste, Japanese usually uses the white one in summer, while the red one most common to be used in winter.

Anyway, this dish is not a Japanese traditional dish. Actually, as far as my knowledge, this is a Chinese dish, we call it in bahasa “Babi Kecap”, pork stew seasoned with sweet soy sauce and Chinese 5-spices. But since i have an almost expired red miso paste, i decided to use it as substitution for salt / soy sauce (not the sweet one, we still use it).

The result is fantastic. You will have such a flavorful taste from a 3-seasoning dish (well, 4 if you count the pepper). And yes, it is, easy to make. ^^ Continue reading Miso Pork Leg Stew

Nutella & Strawberry Filling Cookies

Nutella Filling Cookies    Klik di sini untuk Bahasa Indonesia ^^

My 1st time baking cookies!! Always wanting to try.. but laziness had always been won LOL Well, after saving like 20 videos on Youtube, i made up my mind and try one of them. It looks easy, and the melted filling part is soooo tempting 😉 Here’s the tutorial from Cook n Share ^^ Continue reading Nutella & Strawberry Filling Cookies