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Scallion Chinese Pancake

Artikel dalam Bahasa Indonesia, klik di sini :)

It is this week’s BOOM in cooking group i joined, Scallion Chinese Pancake.  It is almost like Maryam Bread but has scallion and cheese in it. The recipe comes from a video of a member. Looks so easy and everyone in the group so excited to make it right away. And I can’t get it off of my mind. So, weekend finally came, and i made it right away ^_^

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Infamous Cauliflower Pizza Crust / Bread Stick (Experiment: 1)

Few weeks ago, recipes of this flourless pizza crust was all over my Facebook news feed. And it happened to be what i need. You see, my 7-years old nephew L.O.V.E cheese but H.A.T.E vegetable. He can finish a medium-sized cheese pizza all by himself!! So, i had been -well still- searching ideas for him willing to eat vegetable, of course without him realize it at first -i hope-. I finally chose one of recipe’s video and tried it.

(Beberapa minggu lalu, resep “roti” pizza tanpa tepung (terigu) ini bersliweran di Facebook-ku. Kebetulan, ini yg aku perlukan. Jadi gini, ponakanku yg umur 7 tahun C.I.N.T.A keju, tapi B.E.N.C.I sayur. Dia bisa habisin pizza keju medium sendirian! Jadi, aku telah mencari ide biar dia mau makan sayur, tentu saja tanpa dia tahu, awalnya -semoga-. Akhirnya, aku pilih salah satu video rese dan menyobanya.)

Here it is ^^

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Mustard Tamagoyaki (Rolled Omelet)

sawi gulung abon toast

Have breakfast like a prince(ss), they said. Well, yeah.. like we have lots of time in the morning, right 😉 I, myself, prefer to spend more time in bed, wake up in a hurry to get ready then just drink my coffee and (sometimes) grab a bread or anything on the table (if there any). But, sometimes, on a nice weekend, i do like to pamper my self a good breakfast.

When i made this, i actually wanted to make the millefeullie omelet. But then, i felt so fatty then decided to change the bacon with mustard. Keeping the cheese for sure 😉

Come, let’s make it ^^

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