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Sambal Pencok Puteh

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Another sambal recipe that becomes my family’s favorite dish, Sambal Pencok Puteh. Unlike usual sambal that has red color, this sambal is white (puteh=putih=white). To add another differences, it is more liquify and poured onto mashed-steamed stuffs, like egg, eggplant, tempe, or tofu. Yes, steamed, not fried. Interesting, isn’t it ? ^^ And it is a finger-licking good and rice-consuming for sure. So, be prepared 😉

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Pizza Pastry

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I had always wanted to make this pizza out of pastry thing, but as always laziness conquered me. But since now is 2016, and because i was craving for pizza and don’t have pizza dough, i finally made this dish 😛 No, i didn’t make the pastry dough, and perhaps never gonna make it from scratch. Even though it seems easy (to watch it on Youtube), but it is time-consuming. So far, pastry dough from store is good enough for me.

I have to admit, my relationship with baking pastry is full of ups and downs. Some times i nailed it, some times i didn’t. The instruction on back of its package said 200º C for 12 minutes or until golden brown. But in real act, for my cute lil oven 12 minutes is not enough. Some times they need 15 minutes to make them bloom beautifully, but in some case 15 minutes is not brown enough, so i have to add another 5 minutes. But in other times 20 minutes burned them. So in this recipe, i also did 2 batches with different time and racking level, and had to watch over them constantly.

Despite the baking setting problem, which i think it is my personal problem, the making of this pizza is soo easy. And of course, you can be very creative on their topping. This time i made 4 kind of topping:  Tomato Corn Cheese, Corn Beef, Nori Tomato Cheese, and Chocolate Cheese. Nom.. noom.. ^^

Here is the full recipe:

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Infamous Cauliflower Pizza Crust / Bread Stick (Experiment: 1)

Few weeks ago, recipes of this flourless pizza crust was all over my Facebook news feed. And it happened to be what i need. You see, my 7-years old nephew L.O.V.E cheese but H.A.T.E vegetable. He can finish a medium-sized cheese pizza all by himself!! So, i had been -well still- searching ideas for him willing to eat vegetable, of course without him realize it at first -i hope-. I finally chose one of recipe’s video and tried it.

(Beberapa minggu lalu, resep “roti” pizza tanpa tepung (terigu) ini bersliweran di Facebook-ku. Kebetulan, ini yg aku perlukan. Jadi gini, ponakanku yg umur 7 tahun C.I.N.T.A keju, tapi B.E.N.C.I sayur. Dia bisa habisin pizza keju medium sendirian! Jadi, aku telah mencari ide biar dia mau makan sayur, tentu saja tanpa dia tahu, awalnya -semoga-. Akhirnya, aku pilih salah satu video rese dan menyobanya.)

Here it is ^^

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