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Sambal Pencok Puteh

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Another sambal recipe that becomes my family’s favorite dish, Sambal Pencok Puteh. Unlike usual sambal that has red color, this sambal is white (puteh=putih=white). To add another differences, it is more liquify and poured onto mashed-steamed stuffs, like egg, eggplant, tempe, or tofu. Yes, steamed, not fried. Interesting, isn’t it ? ^^ And it is a finger-licking good and rice-consuming for sure. So, be prepared 😉

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Nasi Goreng (Indonesian Fried Rice)

Nasi Goreng-1 copy

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Nasi goreng or fried rice is really a common food here in Indonesia. You can find it everywhere, as street food or 5-stars restaurant cuisine. And though it is one of my favorite dish, i found it too simple that i thought it is a trivial recipe. Not until i found out that Nasi Goreng is World’s 2nd most delicious food according to CNN. I’m like.. really ? Well, i mean.. it is REALLY really delicious for me.. but i’m so surprise to find out that is what others’ thought too 😀

So, in order to write this, i intentionally scaled up my ingredients. It’s hard, you know. Since i use to make this from scraps, meaning what is left and there. This is my best effort for it lol.

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Tempe Bacem

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It’s too quiet here for too long. My bad. I both was busy and lost my spirit to go to kitchen. Well, am trying to get back on track, now. Starting with a small step, this simple yet delicious mom’s recipe, Tempe Bacem. I don’t know what to call it in English, please tell me on the comment below if you happen to know. Thank you :*

Anyway, if you haven’t met tempe before, it is a food product from fermented soybeans, that has cake-like form. It is originated from Indonesia, my country (yeeey ^_^). I love its spongy-crunchy texture.

Bacem itself actually means marinate or soak a food in sugar and salt water, so the food will last longer. In javanese, we do bacem with palm sugar. So, you will expect its taste should be sweet, but not candy sweet.

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Milkfish & Tomato Soup (Sup Bandeng Tomat)

2015-04-18-10-46-00_deco Bandeng is another common fish in Indonesia. I just found out that it is called milkfish in English.. hmm interesting, wonder why the naming it like that. Please tell me on comment below if you have any idea bout the naming ^^

Anyway, this soup is not quite an appetizer, actually. We, i mean.. my family, need rice to go with this soup. Mom usually make this for Saturday breakfast. It is slightly fishy, sweet, sour, and savory. And it won’t be complete without the condiment, Sambal Petis! Add some boiled spinach in.. well, you got a very healthy yet full of flavor dish ^^

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Sambal Petis

Sambal Petis

Petis is a shrimp paste that is mix with dried coconut skin sugar (gula batok). It looks very.. hmm.. unappealing, but the taste is quite delightful. The taste and tecture is almost like caramel. There is 2 kind of petis, Petis Jawa (Javanese Petis) which is black and sweet, and Petis Madura (Maduranese Petis) which is brown and savory. To make it into sambal, well, of course by mixing it with chili(es) 😀

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