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Apple Cinnamon Spring Roll

Apple Cinnamon Spring Roll-2

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Last weekend I noticed there were couple of wrinkled apples in the fridge. At first, i wanted to make apple pie out of it. But, since there is a spring roll challenge at my joined-cooking group, i thought.. hey why don’t you use it as the spring roll’s filling. So i bought the egg-based spring roll wrapper and went for it.

Let’s check it out ^^

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Scallion Chinese Pancake

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It is this week’s BOOM in cooking group i joined, Scallion Chinese Pancake.  It is almost like Maryam Bread but has scallion and cheese in it. The recipe comes from a video of a member. Looks so easy and everyone in the group so excited to make it right away. And I can’t get it off of my mind. So, weekend finally came, and i made it right away ^_^

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Homemade Martabak (Arabic Stuffed Pancake)

IMG_9754 copy

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Martabak is one of Arabic’s (or maybe Indian’s) dish that is very famous here. We have it as street food. The original martabak (one that is sold) is made with special thin and very elastic layer. They make it by  turning and throwing the dough at the same time, like this man doing from 0:25

Well, this site won’t be named Cooking4Dummy if i’m doing that, right ? 😀 Instead, i use spring roll wrappers to substitute. Not dumpling wrappers though, cause they are a bit thicker. And for the seasoning, i use Gulai (red curry) instant seasoning. So, it is as easy as you can imagine 😉

Let’s do it!

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Miso Pork Leg Stew

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Miso is a Japanese seasoning that is made from fermented soybeans. . Similar with tau co (Chinese fermented soybeans) but they have different kind of fungus. It is salty and a bit sour. Mainly, there are 2 kind of miso, white and red. The white one tastes lighter than the red one. Because of the taste, Japanese usually uses the white one in summer, while the red one most common to be used in winter.

Anyway, this dish is not a Japanese traditional dish. Actually, as far as my knowledge, this is a Chinese dish, we call it in bahasa “Babi Kecap”, pork stew seasoned with sweet soy sauce and Chinese 5-spices. But since i have an almost expired red miso paste, i decided to use it as substitution for salt / soy sauce (not the sweet one, we still use it).

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Ca Cai (Chinese Mixed Veggies)

Cap Cai

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This is my favorite dish to cook in daily basis. It’s simple, easy, almost fail-proof, and fast. Not only we can have vary veggies in one plate, but also protein also. So, this one this only should be enough to fulfill our nutrition. And.. have i mentioned that it is very simple to make ? (yes, i have) In fact, this is one of first dish i manage to cook by my self ^^

So.. let’s start ^^

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Oatmeal Chicken Pan Fried (Clean Eat)

I’m in the middle of “Clean Eat” moment. I won’t call it a diet, i just try to have a cleaner (healthier) choice of food. You know, double the greens and fruits, less red meat, less carbo (specially complex ones). Hiks.. the last one is the hardest for me, since.. i L.O.V.E fried foods 😦 😦 😦

Well, eating cleaner doesn’t have to sacrifice the flavor. So i try to “trick” it, with this dish. Hopefully, it won’t ruin the diet (oops, finally i called it “diet” LOL ). If it does, well.. it’s worth the flavor 😉 Anyway, the marinate recipe is my late Pa’s recipe. Trust me. It is the best!!

[Saya lagi “Makan Bersih”. Bukan diet sih, cuma berusaha makan lebih bersih/sehat aja: porsi sayur dan buah dobel, kurangi daging merah, kurangi karbo (apalagi yg kompleks). Hiks.. yg terakhir yg paling berat. Saya ini cintaaaaa gorengan 😦 :(:( Tapi kaan, makan bersih tidak harus ngorbankan rasa. Jadi saya coba untuk “nipu” dengan masakan ini. Semoga ga ngerusak diet (oops, akhirnya bilang diet juga LOL) Kalau pun iya, well.. setimpal sama rasanya sih 😉 Anyway, lumurannya adalah resep almarhum papaku. Percaya deh. THE BEST !!]

Here’s the recipe! [Ini resepnya]

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Sweet N Sour Sauced Gourami

Sweet & Sour Sauced Gurame

Gourami is a freshwater fish, native to Asia. It is considered easy-to-find and cheap fish here. Usually we grilled or fried it, and put some sauce on it. One of common sauce is Sweet and Sour Sauced. The taste is sooo.. heavenly you won’t believe how easy it is.

Come, let’s make one! ^^

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