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Apple Cinnamon Spring Roll

Apple Cinnamon Spring Roll-2

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Last weekend I noticed there were couple of wrinkled apples in the fridge. At first, i wanted to make apple pie out of it. But, since there is a spring roll challenge at my joined-cooking group, i thought.. hey why don’t you use it as the spring roll’s filling. So i bought the egg-based spring roll wrapper and went for it.

Let’s check it out ^^

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Pizza Pastry

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I had always wanted to make this pizza out of pastry thing, but as always laziness conquered me. But since now is 2016, and because i was craving for pizza and don’t have pizza dough, i finally made this dish 😛 No, i didn’t make the pastry dough, and perhaps never gonna make it from scratch. Even though it seems easy (to watch it on Youtube), but it is time-consuming. So far, pastry dough from store is good enough for me.

I have to admit, my relationship with baking pastry is full of ups and downs. Some times i nailed it, some times i didn’t. The instruction on back of its package said 200º C for 12 minutes or until golden brown. But in real act, for my cute lil oven 12 minutes is not enough. Some times they need 15 minutes to make them bloom beautifully, but in some case 15 minutes is not brown enough, so i have to add another 5 minutes. But in other times 20 minutes burned them. So in this recipe, i also did 2 batches with different time and racking level, and had to watch over them constantly.

Despite the baking setting problem, which i think it is my personal problem, the making of this pizza is soo easy. And of course, you can be very creative on their topping. This time i made 4 kind of topping:  Tomato Corn Cheese, Corn Beef, Nori Tomato Cheese, and Chocolate Cheese. Nom.. noom.. ^^

Here is the full recipe:

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Dark Chocolate Fudge Brownies (without DCC)

Dark Choco Fudge Brownies

Brownies.. hmm.. one of my favorite guilty pleasure. They said there are 3 types of brownies: fudgy, chewy, and cakey. I, personally, love.. ALL of ’em 😀 as long they carry my favorite taste, bitter-sweet of dark chocolate. And of course to have that flavor, we must use dark cooking chocolate (DCC), right ? well.. not really.

[Brownies.. hmm.. salah satu makanan penuh dosa favoritku. Ada yg bilang ada 3 tipe brownies: fudgy (lengket seperti permen), kenyal-kenyal, dan seperti cake. Aku pribadi suka.. SEMUA 😀 Selama rasa browniesnya adalah manis-pahit seperti coklat pekat. Dan tentu saja untuk memperoleh rasa itu kita haru memakai coklat masak pekat, kan ? Well.. ternyata tidak juga.]

I happened to discover this easy breezy recipe in the internet. This recipe uses Cocoa Powder instead of DCC. This way, i can manage the sweetness as i like (i found brownies with DCC is sometimes too sweet). And it still comes out so fudgy inside yet crusty outside. Yuum!!

[Tidak sengaja aku menemukan resep mudah ini di internet. Resep ini memakai Bubuk Coklat dan bukan coklat batangan. Dengan begitu, aku bisa mengatur kadar kemanisannya sesuai seleraku (kadang brownies dengan coklat batangan terlalu manis menurutku). Dan hasilnya tetap sangat lengket di dalam dan renyah di luar. Yuum!!]

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Nutella & Strawberry Filling Cookies

Nutella Filling Cookies    Klik di sini untuk Bahasa Indonesia ^^

My 1st time baking cookies!! Always wanting to try.. but laziness had always been won LOL Well, after saving like 20 videos on Youtube, i made up my mind and try one of them. It looks easy, and the melted filling part is soooo tempting 😉 Here’s the tutorial from Cook n Share ^^ Continue reading Nutella & Strawberry Filling Cookies

(Unripped) Mango Sorbet

Pencit Sorbet

The weather is getting warm (read: hot) here. All i wanna do is to eat ice cream or something cold all the time. And that’s B.A.D for me. High glucose and calorie alert!! So i was thinking to make home made ice cream. That way i can control how sweet and “fatty” my ice cream will be. Then, i changed my mind, and decided to make Sorbet. You know, the no-cream ice cream 😛  A family brought us Manalagi mangoes. Manalagi mango is very sweet and less sour. We are not too in to it and that’s why they are still in refrigerator after few weeks 😀

(Cuaca udah mulai panas. Aku jadi pengen makan es krim dan yang dingin2 terus2-an. Bahaya banget dah, secara gula dan kalori tinggi. Jadi, aku mikir buat bikin es krim sendiri, jadi bisa atur gula dan lemaknya. Terus, mikir2.. mendingan bikin Sorbet. Itu lho, es krim yang tidak pakai krim 😛 Kebetulan dapat mangga Manalagi dari kerabat. Manalagai rasanya sangat manis, hampir tidak ada kecutnya. Keluargaku tidak terlalu suka, makanya setelah beberapa minggu masih nongkrong manis di kulkas :D)

Since i don’t have any ice cream maker, i browsed the net to find way to make ice cream without it. Turns out, it is simpler than i thought. Only need a blender, strainer, and a looot of patient LOL.

(Karena aku tidak punya alat pemuat es krim, aku cari2 di internet cara yang tanpa alat itu. Ternyata lebih gampang dari perkiraanku. Hanya butuh blender, saringan, dan banyak kesabaran LOL)

On one Sunday afternoon, i made up my mind to make this mango sorbet. All ingredients and equipments are ready. So i started to stripped down a mango, and it was … still young (hopefully not innocent), white flesh, and unripped. Well, it is good for the ice cream taste, because the mangoes still had sourness. But, i was worry but the color. And i had to do few extra works to have a smooth sorbet. Oh, well.. i did it anyway and it paid the price 😉

(Di suatu minggu sore, aku bertekad buat bikin sorbet mangga ini. Semua bahan dan alat sudah ada. Jadi aku mulai kupas mangga, dan ternyata.. masih muda belia, daging putih, dan belum matang. Well, di satu sisi rasa asam dari si Manalagi muda ini akan bikin sorbet jadi enak. Tapi warnanya yang bikin cemas. Putih gitu. Apalagi, berarti aku harus kerja ekstra agar si sorbet jadi tetap mulus lembut. Oh, well.. akhirnya tetap aku lakukan dan hasilnya sesuai dengan kerja kerasku 😉 )

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