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Milk Bread

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Artikel dalam Bahasa Indonesia, klik di sini :)

Yes, i finally made bread!! ^_^

To be honest, this is not my first. I had made bread several times before. The reason i haven’t shared any bread making experience until now it because.. in the past i always forgot to take a picture of them 😛

A friend posted a recipe video at Facebook. The recipe looks easy and the bread looks soo yummy that makes me eager to try, even though i was a bit sick (well, still am actually 😀 ). Unfortunately,  i can’t find the video anymore. So, i’ll try my best to write the steps as clear as i can 🙂

Here we go ^^

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Apple Rose Pastries


With the Mother’s Day coming, there is flood of rose-themed desserts on social media. One quite being a rave is this one, Apple Rose Pastries.  It has sophisticated look that i thought it needs top level of expertise to make one.

Turns out, it is NOT at all!!

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Mustard Tamagoyaki (Rolled Omelet)

sawi gulung abon toast

Have breakfast like a prince(ss), they said. Well, yeah.. like we have lots of time in the morning, right 😉 I, myself, prefer to spend more time in bed, wake up in a hurry to get ready then just drink my coffee and (sometimes) grab a bread or anything on the table (if there any). But, sometimes, on a nice weekend, i do like to pamper my self a good breakfast.

When i made this, i actually wanted to make the millefeullie omelet. But then, i felt so fatty then decided to change the bacon with mustard. Keeping the cheese for sure 😉

Come, let’s make it ^^

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