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Scallion Chinese Pancake

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It is this week’s BOOM in cooking group i joined, Scallion Chinese Pancake.  It is almost like Maryam Bread but has scallion and cheese in it. The recipe comes from a video of a member. Looks so easy and everyone in the group so excited to make it right away. And I can’t get it off of my mind. So, weekend finally came, and i made it right away ^_^

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Bean & Bone Soup (Sup Brenebon)

Brenebon Soup-small

Artikel dalam Bahasa Indonesia, klik di sini :)

This is one of my Grandma’s best dishes. When she was still with us and healthy enough to cook, we barely had Christmas without this soup. Her Brenebon soup is so red, thick, and delicious. I have never taste any better Brenebon soup than hers. She had 3 daughters, but she told the secret to my mom (her in law). Lucky me !! ^^

Brenebon soup is originated from Dutch. My grandma had a Dutch blood, so well.. maybe she had the secret from her ancestor 😀 But here, this is a famous dish from Manado. It is actually a red bean and pork leg / rib soup. And the pork is, of course, can be substitute with rib eye or oxtail, or even chicken if you want to. But please, don’t expect to beat my Grandma’s recipe with that 😛

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Milkfish & Tomato Soup (Sup Bandeng Tomat)

2015-04-18-10-46-00_deco Bandeng is another common fish in Indonesia. I just found out that it is called milkfish in English.. hmm interesting, wonder why the naming it like that. Please tell me on comment below if you have any idea bout the naming ^^

Anyway, this soup is not quite an appetizer, actually. We, i mean.. my family, need rice to go with this soup. Mom usually make this for Saturday breakfast. It is slightly fishy, sweet, sour, and savory. And it won’t be complete without the condiment, Sambal Petis! Add some boiled spinach in.. well, you got a very healthy yet full of flavor dish ^^

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Tomato Soup

I think most people have ever tasted Tomato Soup. It is perfect for cool weather. It is quite simply to make and for me, personally, i call it Cleaning Day Soup. Why ? Because when i need to clean my refrigerator, i definitely make this soup 😀 😀

Basically, tomato soup needs tomatoes, chicken stock, onion (and garlic). As for the filling, there is no basic rule.. well if there is any, i definitely break it 😛 My tomato soups contain what is in the refrigerator, usually lot of frozen food (sausage, mix veggie, potato string, smoked beef, etc). I rarely buy a specific ingredient for this soup. This, i made it out from my mom’s refrigerator 😀 So don’t worry if you don’t have the exact ingredients. Just pour what your refrigerator has 😉

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Mushroom Cream Soup

Mushroom Cream Soup

I love Cream Soup, any kind of cream soup, but especially Mushroom Cream Soup. There are 2 kind of Cream Soups, one where we blend the ingredients together, and one  which not. This is the second one. I will make the blended one later (i don’t know when, though lol )

Okay, the scary part about Cream Soup, for us the dummies, is when we have to mix the stir-fried butter&flour with the water (or chicken broth). We have to stir well, so they all blend in smoothly without any lump. Tried this process couple of times, and failed all the some times 😀 Luckily, i found a cheat for that! haha!! and surely, i will share it to you 😉

Let’s start!

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