Apple Rose Pastries


With the Mother’s Day coming, there is flood of rose-themed desserts on social media. One quite being a rave is this one, Apple Rose Pastries.  It has sophisticated look that i thought it needs top level of expertise to make one.

Turns out, it is NOT at all!!

Found this video on Facebook that show how to make Apple Rose Pastries with no sweat. And the result is so appealing, that i can’t wait to try ^^

Since i didn’t have apricot jam, i replaced it with apple jam (which likely is founded in refrigerator). My version is requested by someone to be less sweet. So i didn’t add extra sugar in the jam mixture, and didn’t sprinkle icing sugar neither. And i had them bake in 2 (a-bit) different way. 3 of them i put in foil-cups, while the other 3 i just put on tray. Turns out, i prefer last one’s result. They bloom beautifully. ^^


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