Mustard Tamagoyaki (Rolled Omelet)

sawi gulung abon toast

Have breakfast like a prince(ss), they said. Well, yeah.. like we have lots of time in the morning, right 😉 I, myself, prefer to spend more time in bed, wake up in a hurry to get ready then just drink my coffee and (sometimes) grab a bread or anything on the table (if there any). But, sometimes, on a nice weekend, i do like to pamper my self a good breakfast.

When i made this, i actually wanted to make the millefeullie omelet. But then, i felt so fatty then decided to change the bacon with mustard. Keeping the cheese for sure 😉

Come, let’s make it ^^

For recipe in Bahasa Indonesia, click here 🙂

egg 2 Eggs SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA 1 handful Chinese Mustard (leafs only), fine chopped
garlic 1 clove Garlic, thinly chopped  cheese-sliced 1 slice Cheese
 salt n pepper Salt & Pepper oil-veggie 2 tsp Cooking Oil

We can use any kind of green vegetable. Spinach will also be perfect.

  1. Drop a teaspoon of cooking oil on fry pan. Saute garlic and mustard. Sprinkle a bit of salt and pepper.
  2. Since i use an 10 cm round pan, which is quite small, i cut sliced cheese in 4, long shape.
  3. Whisk eggs.
  4. Heat the pan. Drop cooking oil.
  5. Pour some whisked egg to make a thin layer. Wait until semi cooked.
  6. Put a slice of cheese on egg layer, about 2 cm from the side. Put the mustard on top of it.
  7. Flip side of the egg layer to cover cheese and mustard.
  8. Bring egg layer to the side of pan, so we now have a spare area on the pan.
  9. Pour another whisked egg on the spare area. Make sure it goes below the first egg layer. Wait until semi cooked.
  10. Repeat no. 6 – 9 for about 3 times.
  11. If you have some left over egg, repeat no. 8 and 9.
  12. Take it off the pan. Cut the sides. Cut in half and serve ^^

Btw, on above pic, i served it with egg toasted bread ^^ Have a cute breakfast ^^

Resep Bahasa Indonesia

egg 2 Telur SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA 1 genggam Daun Sawi, potong halus
garlic 1 siung Bawang Putih, rajang halus  cheese-sliced 1 lembar Keju
 salt n pepper Garam & Merica oil-veggie 2 sdt Minyak Goreng

Kita bisa gunakan segalam mayam sayur hijau, bayam, kangkung, kailan, dll.

  1. Teteskan minyak goreng pada penggorengan. Tumis bawang putih hingga harum. Tambahkan sawi. Taburkan sedikit garam dan merica.
  2. Karena saya menggunakan wajan bundar diameter 10 cm, keju saya potong jadi 4 memanjang.
  3. Kocok telur.
  4. Panasi wajan. Tambakan minyak goreng sedikit saja.
  5. Masukkan kocokan telur untuk membentuk lapisan dadar tipis. Tunggu hingga setengah matang.
  6. Taruh satu lembar keju, kira2 2 cm dari tepi. Taruh tumisan sawi di atas keju.
  7. Balik tepi dadar untuk menutupi keju dan sawi.
  8. Geser dadar ke tepi wajan (mendekati anda), sehingga ada area kosong.
  9. Tambahkan kocokan telur pada area kosong. Pastikan telur juga masuk ke bawah lapisan dadar. Tunggu hingga setengah matang.
  10. Ulangi no. 8-9 hingga 3 kali.
  11. Jika ada sisa telur, ulangi no. 8 dan 9.
  12. Angkat dadar gulung. Potong sisi-sisinya hingga rata. Potong jadi dua dan sajikan ^^

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