Sambal Petis

Sambal Petis

Petis is a shrimp paste that is mix with dried coconut skin sugar (gula batok). It looks very.. hmm.. unappealing, but the taste is quite delightful. The taste and tecture is almost like caramel. There is 2 kind of petis, Petis Jawa (Javanese Petis) which is black and sweet, and Petis Madura (Maduranese Petis) which is brown and savory. To make it into sambal, well, of course by mixing it with chili(es) 😀

For recipe in Bahasa Indonesia, click here 🙂

petis 2 tbs Petis chili-small 6 Chilies (or more)
peanut butter 1 tsp Peanut Butter sugar  Sugar (Optional)
  1. Pestle all the ingredients until all pastes, chilies’s seeds, and sugar are well combined. If you don’t have the equipment (stone pestle and mortar), you can use food processor or blender.
  2. Serve ^^

Resep Bahasa Indonesia

petis 2 sdm Petis chili-small 6 (atau lebih) Cabe Rawit
peanut butter 1 sdt Selai Kacang sugar  Gula (Opsioanal)
  1. Uleg semua baha hingga tercampur baik. Juga bisa dihaluskan dengan food processor atau blender.
  2. Sajikan ^^



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