Milkfish & Tomato Soup (Sup Bandeng Tomat)

2015-04-18-10-46-00_deco Bandeng is another common fish in Indonesia. I just found out that it is called milkfish in English.. hmm interesting, wonder why the naming it like that. Please tell me on comment below if you have any idea bout the naming ^^

Anyway, this soup is not quite an appetizer, actually. We, i mean.. my family, need rice to go with this soup. Mom usually make this for Saturday breakfast. It is slightly fishy, sweet, sour, and savory. And it won’t be complete without the condiment, Sambal Petis! Add some boiled spinach in.. well, you got a very healthy yet full of flavor dish ^^

This soup is totally easy to make with very few but yet delicious ingredients. Why don’t you give it a try (and don’t forget to leave a comment 😉 )

For recipe in Bahasa Indonesia, click here 🙂

fish-milkfish(bandeng) 1 Milkfish tomato 2 Tomatoes
tempeh 1 Tempeh, slice rectangulary garlic 3 cloves Garlic, rawly sliced
salt n pepper Salt (no Pepper) water 750 ml Water
  1. Bring water to boil.
  2. Put in garlic, tempeh, and milkfish. While milkfish still raw, season with salt.
  3. Stir occasionally with tenderness ^^ and wait til water reboil
  4. Slice tomatoes into halfmoon shapes. Put them in. Wait until tomatoes a tiny little bit tender (but haven’t lost their freshness).
  5. Take out from heat. Serve ^^

If you can’t find milkfish, you can replace it with shrimp. If you don’t have tempeh, just skip it ^^


Resep Bahasa Indonesia

fish-milkfish(bandeng) 1 Bandeng tomato 2 Tomat
tempeh 1 Tempe, potong persegi garlic 3 siung Bawang Putih, potong kasar
salt n pepper Garam (tanpa Merica) water 750 ml Air
  1. Didihkan air
  2. Masukkan bawang putih, tempe, dan bandeng. Garami saat bandeng masih mentah (agar tidah hancur)
  3. Aduk sesekali dengan lembut ^^ Tunggu hingga air mendidih kembali
  4. Potong tomat menjadi bentuk bulan setengah. Masukkan. Tunggu hingga tomat sedikit lunak (tapi masih terlihat segar)
  5. Angkat dan sajikan ^^

Jika tidak bisa dapat bandeng, bisa diganti dengan udang. Dan jika tidak punya tempe, bisa di-skip ^^ Selamat mencoba ^^


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