Salsa(ish) Bacon


Some of you, specially ones who don’t live in Indonesia, may piss off about the (almost) impossible to get ingredients needed to make the Sambal Dabu Dabu .  (Psst, if you’re not.. please pretend that you are 😉 )

After making it, i try a little experiment which i’m sure will be succeed. How can i be sure ? Because i changed the Jambal Roti with BACON! hahaha Nothing goes wrong when bacon is included, am i right ? 😉 And i skipped the terasi as well. So, it is more and more similar to salsa.. (yes, that’s why i named it like above 😉 )

Let’s start the experiment *put my lab glass on* ^^

For recipe in Bahasa Indonesia, click here 🙂

bacon-sreaky (Streaky) Bacon (as many as you like) oil-veggie  50 ml Cooking Oil
tomato 2 Tomatoes chili-small  Hot Chilies (as many as you like)
shallots Shallot (as many as you like)
  1. Slice tomatoes into small cubics, while fine slice shallot and hot chillies. Place them on a plate with shallots on top.
  2. Heat the oil with medium heat, then fry bacon until it is almost crispy. As you know, i use less cooking oil here, since bacon will produce oil when it is cooked.
  3. Shower the bacon with the oil on top of the other ingredients.
  4. Serve with warm rice, or baked/boiled potatoes also nice ^^

bacon-sreaky Bacon (sesukanya) oil-veggie  50 ml Minak Goreng
tomato 2 Tomat chili-small Cabe Rawit (sesukanya)
shallots Bawang Merah (sesukanya)
  1. Potong tomat jadi dadu kecil, iris kasar bawang merah dan cabe. Tata di piring dengan bawang merah di atas.
  2. Panaskan minyak dengan api sedang, goreng bacon hingga hampir krispi. Seperti yg anda tau, di sini saya mengurangi jumlah minyak, sebab bacon akan mengeluarkan minyak saat digoreng.
  3. Siramkan bacon di atas bahan-bahan.
  4. Sajikan dengan nasi hangat, atau kentang rebus/panggang juga boleh ^^



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