Dried Salted Fish Sambal Dabu Dabu


Sambal is the famous authentic condiment from Indonesia. Its main ingredient is chilies, well.. lots of them. So, you surely can guess how a sambal should taste. Yeep.. hot!!

There are sooooo many way to make sambal in Indonesia: raw, boiled, fried, sliced, pestled; not to mention variants of ingredients we can mix with. For me, personally.. as long as they are tounge burning, they’re ALL delicious 😀

Sambal Dabu Dabu is originated from Sulawesi. It is very similar to Salsa, actually. We slice all the ingredient, and then pour hot cooking oil on it. But in this dish, we also use Terasi, also known as Garnalen paste or Shrimp paste.

Dried Salted Fish is another common ingredients in Indonesia. Since it is an archipelago, Indonesia is rich on sea products, especially of course, fish. In order to avoid fishes becoming stale, the fishes are salted and dried. For this dish, i use Jambal Roti, it is dried and salted Mayung Fish. It’s as thick as bread and has similar texture of bread. And the taste, you bet.. salty! That’s why we don’t need any salt.

It is very easy to make. There is no way we can go wrong. So.. what are you waiting for ? ^^

For recipe in Bahasa Indonesia, click here 🙂

salted fish - jambal  50-100 gr Jambal Roti (or any Dried Salted Fish) garnalenpasta (terasi) 4 tsp Terasi (Garnalen/Shrimp Paste)
oil-veggie  100 ml Cooking Oil chili-small  Hot Chilies (as many as you like)
shallots Shallot (as many as you like) tomato  2 Tomatoes
  1. Slice tomatoes into small cubics, while fine slice shallot and hot chillies.
  2. Heat the oil with medium heat, then deep fry Jambal Roti until it is golden brown. Take it from the oil.
  3. Turn down the heat. Put terasi in the oil. Stir, and let it fried.
  4. Mean while, chop fried jambal roti into small chunks. You don’t want it too big, because its saltiness may hit you when you eat it ^^
  5. Place jambal roti on a plate, then tomatoes, chillies, and shallots on top of it.. Make sure the shallots is on top, so it is assured to be touched with the hot oil later.
  6. Once the terasi is fried, turn off the heat. Shower the oil and terasi on top of othe ingredients.
  7. Serve with warm rice.. lot of them!! 😀


salted fish - jambal  50-100 gr Jambal Roti garnalenpasta (terasi) 4 sdt Terasi
oil-veggie  100 ml Minyak Goreng chili-small  Cabe Rawit (sesukanya)
shallots Bawang Merah (sesukanya) tomato  2 Tomat
  1. Potong tomat menjadi dadu kecil, iris kasar bawang dan cabe.
  2. Dengan api sedang, panaskan minyak lalu goreng Jambal Roti hingga coklat keemasan. Angkat.
  3. Kecilkan api. Masukkan terasi dalam minyaj. Aduk dan goreng.
  4. Sementara, potong kecil-kecil jambal roti. Jangan besar-besar, nanti ketendang sama asinnya ^^
  5. Tata jambal roti di piring, diikuti tomat, cabe, dan bawang merah di atasnya. Pastikan bawang merah ada di atas sehingga nanti bisa sedikit masak ketika terkena minyak.
  6. Saat terasi matang, matikan api. Siramkan (berikut minyaknya) ke atas bahan-bahan di piring.
  7. Sajikan dengan nasi hangat .. yang banyaaaak!! 😀

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