Lo Mie

Lo Mie copy

Lo Mie is a Chinese food that is quite famous here in Indonesia. There are many versions of how Lo Mie should look and taste, but the main taste is savory and sweet. Its savory and sweet taste come from the shrimps, oyster sauce, and of course the infamous sweet soy sauce. Usually, people use Hokkian noodles -big rounded shape egg noodles with chewy texture-, but of course we can replace it with any egg noodles we have.

So, Let’s start! ^_^

For recipe in Bahasa Indonesia, click here ūüôā

noodles-hokkian  1/2 pack of dried Hokkien noodles shrimp  3 Shrimps, chop into small pieces
chicken breast  50-100 gr Chicken (breast), chop into dices carrot  1 Carrot, chop into matches sticks
garlic  1/4 cloves Garlic, thin chopped water  1000 ml Water
oil-veggie  2 tbs Vegetable Oil oyster sauce  2 tbs Oyster Sauce
sweet soy sauce  1 tbs Sweet Soy Sauce oil-sesame  1 tbs Sesame Oil
salt n pepper  Salt & Pepper corn starch 1/2 tbs Corn Starch
  1. Put half of the water into sauced pan and bring it to boil. Put the noodle inside, and let it cook. Once the noodles is cooked, take it out the water.
  2. In high heat, quick saute garlic with oil. Bring down the shrimps until they turn orange, then the chicken. When the chicken is cooked, put rest of the water.
  3. Season with oyster sauce, sweet soy sauce, salt and pepper. Taste,taste, and taste. Make sure it is not too salty, cause it will be thicken. Wait until the water is boiled.
  4. Put noodles and carrot. Let the carrot tender.
  5. Mix corn starch with bit of water. Put it in the cook. It will thicken the cook. Stir until bubbling.
  6. Add sesame oil around. Have a quick stir. Then serve ^_^

So simply, isn’t it ? ^_^ Please have it a try and don’t forget to share and comment below ^_^

noodles-hokkian  1/2 bungkus Mi Hokkien kering shrimp  3 udang, potong dadu
chicken breast  50-100 gr Ayam (dada), potong dadu carrot  1 Wortel, potong korek api
garlic  1/4 bungkul Bawang putih, iris tipis water  1000 ml Air
oil-veggie  2 sdm Minyak Goreng oyster sauce  2 sdm Saus Tiram
sweet soy sauce  1 sdm Kecap Manis oil-sesame  1sdm Minyak Wijen
salt n pepper Merica & Garam corn starch 1/2 sdm Tepung Maizena
  1. Didihkan separuh air. Masukkan mi dan masak. Setelah matang, tiriskan.
  2. Dengan api tinggi, tumis bawang putih dengan minyak. Masukkan udang hingga matang, lalu ayam. Ketika ayam telah matang, masukkan air
  3. Bumbui dengan saus tiram, kecap manis, garam dan merica. Icip, ici, dan icip. Pastikan tidak terlalu asin karena akan dikentalkam. Tunggu hingga air mendidih.
  4. Masukkan mi dan wortel. Biarkan hingga wortel empuk.
  5. Campur tepung maizena dengan sedikit air. Masukkan dalam masakan hingga menjadi kental. Aduk hingga mulai mendidih.
  6. Tambahkan minyak wijen. Aduk cepat. Sajikan ^^



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