Mushroom Cream Soup

Mushroom Cream Soup

I love Cream Soup, any kind of cream soup, but especially Mushroom Cream Soup. There are 2 kind of Cream Soups, one where we blend the ingredients together, and one  which not. This is the second one. I will make the blended one later (i don’t know when, though lol )

Okay, the scary part about Cream Soup, for us the dummies, is when we have to mix the stir-fried butter&flour with the water (or chicken broth). We have to stir well, so they all blend in smoothly without any lump. Tried this process couple of times, and failed all the some times 😀 Luckily, i found a cheat for that! haha!! and surely, i will share it to you 😉

Let’s start!

For recipe in Bahasa Indonesia, click here

onion 1/2 middle size onions water 500 ml water
chicken breast 50 gr skinless chicken butter 2 tbs margarin/butter
mushroom champignon 3 big Champignon mushroom canned-sweet-corn 3 tbs Sweet Corn (canned/boxed)
cooking cream 6 tbs Cooking Cream salt n pepper Salt & Pepper

1. Make the chicken broth by boiling chicken in water. You may want to strain it to make it clear.

2. Meanwhile, clean and cut mushrooms and onions into preferred size. When the broth is ready, take out the chicken, cut it into dice or whatever you prefer.

3. In middle heat, saute onions with margarin/butter until smell tasty, add mushroom and chicken. Saute till it smell good. Add corn.

4. Add chicken broth.

Now, if you used canned/boxed corn, usually they already mixed with sticky liquid (LOL forgive my poor cooking terms). Whatever it is, we can use that sticky liquid to thicken up the broth. If you use fresh corn, you can mix the broth with 1 tbs flour first before adding it to the saute ings. And YES, that is the cheat! haha 😀 😀

5. Season it with salt and pepper.  Let it boil a little.

6. Low the heat, add cream. Mix a while and re-taste (ooh.. i taste over and over since it was so good) and serve ^_^

Btw, of course you can add grated cheese or/and mix the broth with milk to have even more creamy taste ^_^

Have it a try, and please share and make a comment below ^^

onion 1/2 Bawang Bombai uk. medium water 500 ml Air
chicken breast 50 gr Ayam tanpa kulit butter 2 sdm mentega/margarin
mushroom champignon 3 Jamur Champignon besar canned-sweet-corn 3 sdm Jagung Manis (kaleng)
cooking cream 6 sdm Cream Masak salt n pepper Merica & Garam
  1. Buat kaldu ayam dengan merebus ayam dalam air. Anda dapat menyaringnya kemudian agar medapat kaldu yg jernih.
  2. Sementara itu, bersihkan jamur dan potong. Demikian pula dengan bawang bombai. Ketika kaldu ayam telah siap, ambil ayamnya, potong menjadi dadu-dadu kecil
  3. Dengan api sedang, tumis bawang bombai dengan margarin/mentega hingga harum. Tambahkan jamur dan ayam. Tumis hingga matang. Tambahkan jagung.
  4. Masukkan kaldu ayam. Jika anda menggunakan jagung manis kalengan, umumnya terdapat cairan kental (LOL saya tidak tahu istilahnya apa). Nah, apapun istilahnya, kita dapat menggunakan cairan kental itu untuk mengentalkan sup. Jika menggunakan jagung segar, anda bisa mencampur 1 sdm tepung terigu/maizena ke dalam kaldu sebelum dimasukkan ke tumisan. Ya, ini cara cheat-nya haha 😀 😀
  5. Bumbui dengan garam dan merica. Masak hingga mendidih.
  6. Kecilkan api, tambahkan cream. Aduk sebentar dan cicip ulang. Sajikan ^^

Btw, tentu saja bisa ditambahkan keju parut atau menambahkan susu pada cairan sehingga lebih terasa creamy ^^


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